Alliances and volunteering

Corporate volunteering and social inclusion

The GFM Renovables Foundation would be meaningless without the people making it possible. That is why we involve the entire team in our activities to contribute to the energy transition and promote social inclusion through the professional development of people with disabilities or at risk of exclusion in the energy and sustainability sector.

At the GFM Renovables Foundation, we have different programs and projects in which employees and people around GFM Fotovoltaica participate.
In addition, some activities are open to the participation of all people who share the same values of the company and want to collaborate with us as volunteers.

If you share our values and believe that what we do is worthwhile, collaborate with us.

Tell us your preferences and your availability and join us in the exciting challenge that is TO HELP others.

Social Program 2021

Based on our commitment to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis, the GFM Renovables Foundation will launch a Social Program for 2021 with the aim of reducing the negative impact of the economic crisis on the most vulnerable people, prioritizing the support for childhood, youth and with special attention to women.


Adding strengths and the search for synergies with public and private social entities drive our projects forward in the materialization of each of our initiatives. These are our allies in the exciting task of social transformation led by the new energy era.

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