Good governance policy

Good governance policy

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The purpose of this Code of Good Governance is to establish general guidelines that should govern the conduct of GFM RENOVABLES Foundation, the members of its Board of Trustees and other bodies and employees, in the development of the activities to realize the purposes of the Foundation.

1-Monitoring the evolution of the indicators of best practices in matters of good governance and transparency of the activities carried out by the entity in question and of the actions of those individuals and legal entities which represent the Foundation and always making sure the improvement of the environment and awareness of Responsible Consumption.

2-To organize continuous face-to-face training for employers and for the executive committee.

3-To apply the criterion of gender diversity in the composition of the Board, promoting the incorporation of women based on their experience and knowledge in areas relevant to the Foundation.

4- To promote awareness of its code of ethics and conduct among its collaborators and suppliers.

Any partner or supplier of Foundation GFM must comply with the applicable legislation of the countries in which it operates, avoiding any conduct that, even without violating the law, could damage the reputation of the Foundation and / or produce adverse consequences for the Foundation, the Group. GFM in its capacity as founder and / or their respective environments.

The collaborator-partner or supplier of GFM Foundation must respect the internationally recognized Human Rights enacted in the “International Bill of Human Rights” and the principles related to the rights included in the eight Fundamental Conventions of the International Labor Organization, in accordance with the Declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work. The responsibility of respecting human rights on the part of the collaborator-partner or supplier requires that they must avoid their own activities which could cause or contribute negative consequences on Human Rights and face those consequences when they occur and try to prevent or mitigate the consequences negative on Human Rights directly related to operations, products or services provided by its suppliers.

The responsibility to respect human rights implies for the collaborator-partner or supplier:
• To maintain with your employees labor practices in accordance with the international regulations described above.
• To eliminate all forms of forced labor.
• To eradicate the use of child labor.
• To facilitate the freedom of association and collective bargaining of employees.
• To treat all employees with dignity and respect, refraining from engaging in any aggravating conduct that involves any type of discrimination based on race, religious, political or union ideas, nationality, language, sex, marital status, age or disability.

• To make sure that working place and conditions (among others: wages, working hours, maternity leave, promotion of a safe work environment, free of alcohol and drugs, etc.) are consistent with applicable international labor standards, and promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of their employees.

• Recognize and respect the rights of individuals who belong to vulnerable groups, when the activities of the collaborator or provider take place in areas inhabited by these groups.
The collaborator or supplier must respect the principles of confidentiality regarding the information that they access because of their relationship with the GFM foundation in the performance of their professional activity.
The GFM Foundation collaborator-partner or provider must undertake:
• Respect this code, while being a collaborator-partner or supplier of the GFM Foundation.
• Communicate to GFM Foundation any information that it considers relevant in relation to the principles established in this code.

Non-compliance by the collaborator or provider of the contents of this code may have different consequences in the contractual relationship with GFM Foundation. This may even lead to disqualification as a partner or provider of the Foundation, without prejudice to other legal or administrative actions that may be applicable.

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