Social impact

Our philosophy

We provide knowledge to maximize energy efficiency. Through talks, conferences, technical meetings, advice, theoretical and practical trainings, we contribute to reducing lack of energy, one of the great challenges of the 21st century.

is our main goal

From the GFM Foundation we intensely work contributing to the reduction of lack of ENERGY AND FOR THE SOCIAL INCLUSION OF THE MOST VULNERABLE COLLECTIVES

By supporting, promoting and fostering all activities, which contribute to the development of renewable, clean and technologically innovative energies, for greater energy efficiency considering sustainability and ecological protection.

To defend the ENVIRONMENT
It is a teamwork.

Our projects

Together with the NGO Rescate, GFM has provided more than 12,500 people with self-consumption energy. With the construction of a photovoltaic plant that is easy to maintain, we have managed to bring water to the poorest areas of Ethiopia, where its nomadic inhabitants, mostly women and children, had to travel several kilometers to get water.

Uninterrupted generator of electrical energy from a solar source.

SUNINTROLLEY portable is designed to adapt and develop together with the energy demands of the community.

Its mission is to provide and manage the energy supply of schools, refugee camps, health centers, irrigation systems, urban light, military camps and agricultural farms.

GFM carried out a consulting service for the design and certification of an isolated photovoltaic system with storage space for the electrification of refugee camps.


This ongoing project is being developed by GFM together with one of the international branches of the NGO Rescate and the local partner Future Pioneers in accordance with a project created by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

The main goal of the project is to provide access to drinking water in a sustainable and inclusive way in one of the driest countries in the world. This access will be carried out with the installation of two atmospheric generators for drinking water in a training center in the municipality of Al Sarhan (Jordan). The electrical consumptions of these machines, as well as the rest of the demands of the center, will be met by a 15kW photovoltaic self-consumption plant installed on the roof of the center.

Through access to water and electricity, the aim is to create the appropriate conditions to improve cohesion between local and refugee community. The local partner will be in charge of raising awareness in the use of available resources.

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