Learning and research

For him to be free he must be taught how to fly...

From GFM foundation we will get you the tools to start moving towards a vital energy transition for people and the environment through:

Training courses

TECHNICAL TRAINING FOR PROFESSIONALS essential to guarantee the consolidation of change according to the Spanish and International quality standards.

As a complement to the high-level training of specialized educational bodies, and in close collaboration with them, we will promote training workshops for all areas of society.


OUR MAIN TARGET  is the inclusive gathering of all levels of society

From the GFM Renewables Foundation we promote projects with social relevance that, due to their size and significance, promote the change in the energy curve and allow Spanish technology to obtain new references for its international projection.

Spreading the knowledge

Take a good look at our agenda and join our community. We will wait for you!


En Fundación GFM Renovables la búsqueda de TALENTO es constante.

Desde La Fundación GFM Renovables trabajamos en la búsqueda de sinergias con universidades tanto a nivel nacional como internacional con el objetivo de maximizar el aprovechamiento del talento para los retos presentes y futuros.

International scholarships

WE BELIEVE In the talent, effort and future success of our young people. And we,

We believe in attracting talent and strengthening it. For this reason, we are constantly searching for collaboration agreements with training centers of international reference.

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