Knowledge on Energy

Nowadays we face the exciting challenge of changing the energy parameters, leaving behind the conventional energy development based on using fossil fuels.

In the past, pollution was one of the consequences of economic growth and development.

Today we boots that growth using clean energy free of CO2 emissions.

Our History

We are pioneers in technological development, materializing changes on the energy parameters in projects, which improve people’s lives, based on three main principles:

Why did we start?

We started due to environmental deterioration and growing lack of energy. Especially in developing countries, it makes a priority to show the problem so that Public Opinion has access and becomes aware of the advantages of renewable energies as a future solution to current energy challenges.

Where are we going?

More energy, cheaper and capable of converting the inconvenience of its production into essential environmental benefit minimizing the effects of climate change.

Each family unit, each industrial production center, each entrepreneur already have the ability to generate their own energy, taking advantage of the energy forces of nature and the technological and renewable energies training offered by different foundations and NGOs.

We are going towards being self-sufficient in energy matters, taking advantage of the energy forces of nature.

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